Curtain System

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Instructions on using the Hang-It-All Curtain System.

The hooks in this package are made to work with decorative curtain rods that use 3/4 " (or smaller) hanging brackets.

Step 1: Attach the brackets of the decorative rod to the window molding or wall but do not hang the rod onto the brackets.fig1

Step 2 : Slide the custom hooks onto the brackets with the "L" section of the hook pointing towards the center of the window.

Step 3 Adjust the spring tension rod to the distance between the backsides of the two hooks.

Step 4 : Slide the desired curtain or window dressing onto the spring tension rod.fig2

Step 5: Take the rubber tips off the spring tension rod and slide the now open end of the rod onto the hook. You should have to pull back on the spring tension rod a little to get both ends onto the hooks. Adjust the spring tension rod as needed.

Step 6: Repeat this process for any additional Hang-It-All rods you wish to use.

Step 7: Slide the final piece of window dressing onto the decorative rod and set this onto the brackets. Adjust as needed.  

Step 8 Enjoy your new beautiful windows!